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Time Flies. “The skin of the landscape, the landscape under the skin”.
Santa Eularia Des Riu Town Hall exhibition rooms, Ibiza.
Inauguration: 21st September 2013.
Technique: Digitally mastered photographs and collage.

This exhibition forms part of a project entitled Time Flies which portrays the temporary aspect of time and the continual progression and change that Nature imposes. The skin, with all its vulnerability, makes us conscious of the passing days and the transient passage of the individual.

In these works the skin is treated as an intimate landscape, with its volumes, shapes and textures.

The skin of the landscape, the landscape under the skin, is one of three sections into which the project is structured and where, with the help of technology, small intimate landscapes are shown. These are taken from photographs where the folds and creases of the skin take on the aspect of a mountainous panorama, full of peaks, valleys and gullies.

The exhibition is made up of three parts:

1- TIME FLIES: 100 metallic butterflies in different positions on a wall and projecting various shadow forms, give the impression of continual movement, reminding us of the fleeting passage of time.

2- THE SKIN OF THE LANDSCAPE, THE LANDSCAPE UNDER THE SKIN. 20 close-up photographs, taken from varying angles, of the hands of an irreplaceable person in the artist's life and that, now that he is no longer among us, acquire a dimension of “In Memoriam”. This is presented in collage format, digitally mastered.

3- VIDEO. The projection of a video showing the production and progress of the works.

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